We offer a safe settlement of investment capital in properties in Germany


Germany is the safest country in the European Union to invest in real estate. And there are several main factors for this: stable economic dynamics, which makes it possible to make long-term market forecasts, a developed legal basis for investment activities, high quality of construction


The average growth in property prices in Germany reaches 10% per year. This is due to the high demand for rent (on average, no more than 45% of the country's population own their own real estate) and the low level of supply on the market. In addition, by purchasing real estate in Germany, you can reduce tax deductions to 0%


The high liquidity of the German real estate market provides opportunities for a quick exit from an investment project with minimal losses. Liquidity is ensured by such factors: favorable credit conditions of German banks for residents and non-residents and demand exceeding supply ten times



We create your personal investment portfolio in order to:

Buy preferable quantity of real estate square meters

Monitor the expansion of your financial portfolio online

Invest in any real estate you want

We offer you an individual investment program that focuses on your possibilities, preferences, and financial aims

  • buy a property (residential and non-residential)
  • invest in real estate at the drafting stage or the construction stage
  • grant a credit line to buy real estate
  • monitor investment capital and use real estate effectively
  • allocate investment capital in financial products.
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