As an investor of Lang Immo Invest, you can use your personal account to receive information about the latest developments in the real estate market and to monitor the growth of your investment portfolio in real time.

The investment program offers investors from all over the world numerous opportunities in the German real estate market, financial support and the maintenance of real estate.

The company is creating its own platform based on blockchain technology to ensure investor safety and systematize revenue generation, control working capital, and allocate investor profits.

Lang Immo Invest is a real estate company that has already been existing for over five years. We are pleased to announce the stable, financial and economic success of our work.

As an expert of the real estate market in Germany, Roman Lang runs his own blog, which answers some questions about the participation in the real estate market in Germany and Europe.

For those who like to learn more about the German real estate market, the company publishes articles that show different views on the direction of the German real estate market and the development forecasts for the entire industry.

Lang Immo Invest creates its own policy, vision and mission for the users and also publishes internal laws that meet the requirements of the state.

We always strive to be in contact with prospective buyers. If you want to contact us, you can reach us in person or via e-mail.


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